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Life Raft Davits

Life Raft Davit


The davit arrangements type ZZ-ZOT are included in the life-saving equipment of vessel and are intended for gravity launching of life raft with set of occupants onto water. The life rafts are pulled from deck outboard vessel after the unloaded outrigger has been slewed. The davit arrangements operate at vessel's heel up to 20° at-either side and trim up to 10°.


The davit arrangement consists of the radial davit type ZOT, life raft winch,automatic hook and rigging. The davits are provided with remote control of winch brake from inside of the launched life raft.

Design of davits meets the requirements of the following rules:
- International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS-74, Chapter III as amended in 1983,
- issued by marine Classification Societies.

Technical characteristic

Type of davit arrangement ZZ-ZOT15 ZZ-ZOT18 ZZ-ZOT 23 ZZ-ZOT 25
Safe working load SWL [kN] 15 18 23 25
Permissible number of people in life raft 16 20 25
Life raft winch WT15 WT23 WT23 WT25
Automatic hook HS30
Slewing of davit manually with crank handle
Max. lowering height of life raft [m] 40
Life raft winch 12 12 14 16
Weight of davit arrangement without life raft[kg] 1045 1350 1585 1600

Technical drawings for ZZ-ZOT 15/18 & ZZ-ZOT 25/23

ZZ-ZOT15 scheme ZZ-ZOT25 scheme

Denotation example:

The life raft davit arrangement of SWL=25 kN, left hand make (L): ZZ-ZOT 25/L