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Davits Series ŻOP


The radial portable davits of series ŻOP are designed for small cargo handling operations and can be serviced in conditions of vessel's heel up to 5° to either side and simultaneous trim up to 5°.

Davits series ŻOP scheme


These davits may be stowed in a vessel's store and mounted for handling operations in the choiced place on the open deck whithout any additional equipment. On completion of the handling works, the davit may be disassembled and transported back to the store. To facilitate such operation, the davit is divided into components of the weight so as the manual transportation, assembly and disassembly would be possible.

Slewing of davit is performed by means of manually serviced guy tackles, which are fastened to the jib head. Maximum slewing angle of davit amounts to range from -180° to +180° with regard to its normal working position.

The delivery includes the davit of series ŻOP in complete with mounted pneumatic winch type WŻP, riging, block and cargo hook ( as per Customer's order ).

The davits are constructed under survey of the Classification Society as required by the Customer and provided with Yard's Quality Control acceptance certificate.

Denotation of davit

Denotation of davit consists of davit name and symbol describing its technical parameters:

Portable radial davit ZOP Q - WZP5P where:
Q - rated hoisting capacity [t];
W - outreach of davit [m];
WŻP5P - symbol of rope winch with pneumatic drive.

Technical characteristic

Denotation of ŻOP Hoisting capacity Outreach Height of outrigger Type of winch Rope arrangement Weight approx.
Q [t] W [m] H [m] / / P [kg]
ŻOP 0.5-2.5 0.5 2.5 3.0 WŻP 5P single rope 310
ŻOP 0.5-3.2 0.5 3.2 3.0 WŻP 5P single rope 320
ŻOP 0.5-4.0 0.5 4.0 3.0 WŻP 5P single rope 330
ŻOP 0.63-2.5 0.63 2.5 3.0 WŻP 5P dual rope 310
ŻOP 0.63-3.2 0.63 3.2 3.0 WŻP 5P dual rope 320
ŻOP 1.0-2.5 1.0 2.5 3.0 WŻP 5P dual rope 310

D - foundation bolt location diameter 540 mm;
D1 - foundation outer diameter 620 mm;
d - diameter of 8 holes for foundation bolts 26 mm

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